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The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc

31 Dec 2021
71 min
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Looking at Miyuki and Tatsuya now, it might be hard to imagine them as anything other than loving siblings. But it wasn't always this way - Three years ago, Miyuki was always uncomfortable around her older brother. The rest of their family treated him no better than a lowly servant, even though he was the perfect Guardian, watching over Miyuki while she lived a normal middle school life. But what really bothered her was that he never showed any emotions or thoughts of his own. However, when danger comes calling during a fateful trip to Okinawa, their relationship as brother and sister will change forever.




Emiri Kato

Kuroba Fumiya(voice)

Aya Endo

Sakurai Honami(voice)

Chiwa Saito

Yotsuba Maya(voice)

Saori Hayami

Miyuki Shiba (voice)

Yuichi Nakamura

Tatsuya Shiba (voice)

Maaya Uchida

Kuroba Ayako(voice)

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Ryota Takeuchi

Higaki Joseph(voice)

avatar fallback

Takayuki Kondo

Kinjou Dick(voice)

avatar fallback

Atsushi Ono

Kuroba Mitsugu(voice)

avatar fallback

Kikuko Inoue

Shiba Miya(voice)

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