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Crusher Joe

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Enter the tale of the Crusher Council, a group of rugged individuals known for assignments ranging from transportation to terraforming and everything in between. In the early days of space exploration the Crushers took on the job of destroying asteroids and defining space lanes. Because of their work, they were nicknamed "Crushers" which eventually became their business moniker. Despite the rough and ready nature of the Crushers' work, they subscribe to a few steadfast rules. Unethical and illegal assignments are taboo, and any Crusher accepting one is barred from the Union. Of course, this presents problems for shady clients who try to trick the Crushers into accepting misleading assignments. They know that once the Union accepts a case the Crushers are honor-bound to follow it through. Among the various worlds, the Crusher Council has a stunning reputation, and among the Crushers, the most elite team is the one led by Crusher Dan and his successor, Crusher Joe.




Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Talos (voice)

Issei Futamata

Dongo (voice)

Daisuke Gori

Roki (voice)

Kazuyuki Sogabe

Killie (voice)

Hidekatsu Shibata

Mardola (voice)

Gorō Naya

Kowalsky (voice)

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Noriko Ohara

Ricky (voice)

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Run Sasaki

Alfin (voice)

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Nobuo Tanaka

Valenstinos (voice)

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Kazuko Yanaga

Norma (voice)

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