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FINAL FANTASY XI Vana♪Con Anniversary 11.11.11

22 Feb 2012
93 min
movie vertical poster fallback

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The DVD of the orchestra concert of FINAL FANTASY XI VanaCon Anniversary 11.11.11, which took place on November 11, 2011, is now available. The orchestral performance and the game screen will be exquisitely intertwined, and you will be able to enjoy the excitement that only a video work can provide. In addition to 2ch stereo and 5.1ch surround sound, an audio commentary by composers Naoshi Mizuta and Kumi Tanioka is included as a supplementary audio. In addition, a bonus track that includes behind-the-scenes footage of the production of the film will be included. This is a must-see video work for those who were unable to attend the concert on that day, as well as for those who heard the performance at the venue to relive the excitement.

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