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Andy Hardy's Private Secretary

21 Feb 1941
101 min
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Andy's gone and done it this time. All set to graduate from high school and he flunks his English exam -- in spite of the fact that Aunt Milly is his teacher, and that the Judge has gone to all the trouble of getting him his very own private secretary (Kathryn Grayson in her screen debut). What makes this Andy Hardy movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "even better than the wildly cheered Love Finds Andy Hardy?" It could be Mickey Rooney's irresistible charm. Or could it be the perfected plot of Andy juggling his steady love (Polly Benedict) with his growing affections for another girl? Or perhaps it's the nonstop laughs Rooney generates with such antics as trying to buy ladies' hose or letting the Judge take a spin in his jalopy in the pouring rain. Whatever the case, here's your chance to return to a simpler and happier time with the family America loved to love.




Addison Richards

George Benedict

Kathryn Grayson

Kathryn Land

Ian Hunter

Steven V. Land

Gene Reynolds

Jimmy McMahon

Lewis Stone

Judge James K. Hardy

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Joseph Crehan

Peter Dugan

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Todd Karns

Harry Land

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Mickey Rooney

Andrew 'Andy' Hardy

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Ann Rutherford

Polly Benedict

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