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Wicked City

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This animated Japanese film is a dark, adult-oriented thriller. A peace treaty between the Earth and the Black World, a parallel universe of spider-like aliens is coming to an end. Two cops, Taki, a human male, and Maki, a female alien, are assigned to protect a diplomat who will help secure another treaty. A radical group of aliens from the Black World are out to assassinate the diplomat and prevent the treaty; only the bond that forms between the two cops can save the Earth from destruction. Sex is strongly associated with violence in many graphic scenes; although this is intended to play a symbolic role, this theme is used excessively. The story is effective, but the film is definitely not for children or anyone easily offended.




Yusaku Yara

Renzaburo Taki

Tamio Ohki

Hotel owner

Takeshi Aono

Mr. Shadow

Ichiro Nagai

Guiseppe Maiyart

Mari Yokoo

Spider Woman (voice)

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Yasuo Muramatsu

Company President

avatar fallback

Arisa Andô

Soap Girl

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