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Island of Horrors

20 Nov 1949
102 min
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Kindaichi challenges the mystery of an incident in which three sisters were killed one after the other according to an ancient tradition on an isolated island in the Seto Inland Sea. Kosuke Kindaichi received a will from his friend Kito, which said, "Go to Gokumon Island to save my three younger sisters," and Kosuke went to Gokumon Island. Upon arriving at the residence of Quito, there were three beautiful sisters, a crazy father, a cousin of Sanae, and Kosuke plunged into a strange atmosphere. The film adaptation of the masterpiece novel of the same name by Seishi Yokomizo. Kyozo Kataoka plays Detective Kosuke Kindaichi, and Ryutaro Otomo plays Inspector Isokawa, who can be called Kindaichi's best partner.

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