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Trails End

02 Apr 1949
57 min
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Cowhand Drake discovers gold on the ranch of his boss, Joe Stuart and makes a deal with crooked lawyer Mel Porter to induce Stuart to sell. The latter refuses, and also orders Bill Cameron not to see his daughter Laurie again. Foreman Johnny Mack, after intervening, quits after he sees Stuart hit Laurie while quarreling over her proposed marriage to Cameron. Peddler Alibi Terhune witnesses the killing of Stuart by Clem Kettering, hired by Porter, and is taken prisoner. Cameron is blamed for Stuart's killing, escapes jail, but is persuaded by Johnny to go back and stand trial. Johnny rescues Alibi and the two work together on clearing Cameron's name, and bringing the real culprits to justice.




William Bailey

Sheriff (as Wm. Norton Bailey)

George Chesebro

Joe Stuart

Carol Henry

Henchman Rocky

Keith Richards

Bill Cameron

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Zon Murray

Henchman Clem Kettering

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Kay Morley

Laurie Stuart

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Douglas Evans

Lawyer Mel Porter

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