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MuM Calls It Quits

22 Jul 2021
88 min
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Carla Michelsen has had enough. Each of her three children will get 250,000 euros if they sign a contract she’s drawn up to disown them. Will they go for it? Philipp, the youngest, desperately needs the money, as he’s lost a fortune through speculation. Rita takes a while to decide, but eventually also accepts this sudden break. The only one who vehemently resists it is Doro, the middle child; she values the family unit. While the siblings can’t handle staying with their mother and prefer to stay in a hotel, Doro’s daughter, Joe, stays with her grandmother. The two get along well. When Joe confesses to being pregnant, however, Carla straightforwardly advises the granddaughter to have an abortion. Joe is horrified. In a rash move, she takes off with some of the money — with unforeseen consequences.




Rainer Bock

Dr. Rudi Lutz

Jördis Triebel

Doro Michelsen

Lena Urzendowsky

Josephine Michelsen

Ulrike C. Tscharre

Rita Michelsen

avatar fallback

Stefan Konarske

Phillipp Michelsen

avatar fallback

Maren Kroymann

Carla Michelsen

avatar fallback

Britta Hammelstein

Hanna Schulz

avatar fallback

Ina Maria Jaich


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