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Trolls World Tour

19 May 1985
360 min

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The epic mini-series tells the story of the legendary Italian-born explorer Diego de Geona Taino, later known as Christopher Columbus, from his birth in c.1450 Genoa, Italy, to his young adult years as an expert sailor and navigator who, with money funded from the monarchy of Spain, sailed to the unknown West to find Asia in 1492, and instead found a 'New World' of the modern day West Indies to South America, and then follows his later years in his 50's as a tired, ailing man whose dreams of exploration and discovery to which he passed onto his son, and other followers, just before his death in 1506.




Eli Wallach

Hernando de Talavera

Gabriel Byrne

Cristoforo Colombo

Faye Dunaway

Queen Isabella of Spain

Max von Sydow

King John of Portugal

Oliver Reed

Martin Pinzon

Virna Lisi

Dona Moniz Perestrello

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Rossano Brazzi

Diego Ortiz De Vilhegas

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Michel Auclair

Luis de Santángel

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Raf Vallone

José Vizinho

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Massimo Girotti

Herzog Medina Celi

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