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The Eminence in Shadow

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Shadowbrokers are those who go unnoticed, posing as unremarkable people, when in truth, they control everything from behind the scenes. Sid wants to be someone just like that more than anything, and something as insignificant as boring reality isn’t going to get in his way! He trains in secret every single night, preparing for his eventual rise to power—only to denied his destiny by a run-of-the-mill (yet deadly) traffic accident. But when he wakes up in a another world and suddenly finds himself at the head of an actual secret organization doing battle with evil in the shadows, he’ll finally get a chance to act out all of his delusional fantasies!



Haruka Shiraishi

Rose Oriana (voice)

Kana Hanazawa

Alexia Midgar (voice)

Inori Minase

Beta (voice)

Asami Seto

Alpha (voice)

Suzuko Mimori

Gamma (voice)

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Skel Etal (voice)

avatar fallback

Seiichiro Yamashita

Cid Kagenou / Shadow (voice)

avatar fallback

Yoko Hikasa

Iris Midgar (voice)

avatar fallback

Ayaka Asai

Zeta (voice)

avatar fallback

Saya Aizawa

Sherry Barnett (voice)

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