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CESTVS -The Roman Fighter-

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Cestvs enters his first match at the slave gladiator training school. Though he's bewildered to discover that his opponent is his best friend, he wins the match, and his opponent is killed on the spot. According to his instructor Zafar, losers have no future. "Every time you win, your opponent will die. You're practically a murderer!" With all his sorrow and rage clenched in his fists, Cestvs survives, as one after another powerful opponents stand in his way, as well as the shadow of Nero, fifth emperor of the Roman Empire. With no other way to secure his freedom, can Cestvs seize his future?!



Akio Otsuka

Narrator (voice)

Ryota Takeuchi

Emden (voice)

Yuto Uemura

Nero (voice)

Kikuko Inoue

Agrippina (voice)

Kensho Ono

Ruska (voice)

Aya Endo

Sabina (voice)

avatar fallback

Sanae Kobayashi

Roxanne (voice)

avatar fallback

Rikiya Koyama

Zafar (voice)

avatar fallback

Hiroki Touchi

Demitrius (voice)

avatar fallback

Hiromu Mineta

Cestvs (voice)

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