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Alibi Breaker

01 Feb 2020
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In a local shopping street in Nano prefecture, far from the metropole, young Tokino Mitani runs a clocksmith that she inherited from her grandfather all by herself. Her main job is to repair watches and clocks, but she is about to start a side business, a service to break alibis for a fee of 5000 yen per case with a guarantee that the fee is billed only when the alibi is broken. . One day, Tokino meets Yoshiyuki Saji, a detective who is newly assigned to the prefectural police department. Saji cannot break a very solid alibi at a case he is working on and secretly asks Tokino to break it. The case is very challenging, but will Tokino lead him to solve the case!?




Ken Yasuda

Yoshiyuki Saji

Minami Hamabe

Tokino Mitani (美谷時乃)

Ryo Narita

Yuma Tokai

Masanobu Katsumura

Takumi Makimura

Tokio Emoto

Hideto Higuchi

Leo Morimoto

Tokio Mitani

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Shinsho Nakamaru

Tetsuji Watanuki

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Hitomi Korenaga

Karen Takasugi

avatar fallback

Takuya Mizoguchi

Masato Hori

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Yuta Inoue

Atomu Shimogo

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