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Mom's Outta Sight

01 Jan 1998
93 min

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Eccentric inventor Prof. John Richards seems to have hit pay dirt when he designs a contraption which can move large objects instantly by breaking them into atoms which can be streamed from one place to another. This new machine seems like a sure-fire hit, which has attracted the attention of Richards' less-than-scrupulous assistant Martin, who wants to steal the new invention and sell it himself. In order to make it easier for Martin to do just that, he uses the machine to create a duplicate of Richards, which will do his evil bidding. The professor's son, Jack, and wife, Barbara, learn about Martin's underhanded doings, and Barbara uses another one of her husband's gimmicks to get revenge against Martin -- she turns herself invisible.




Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Barbara Richards

Hannes Jaenicke

Dr. John Richards

Robert Donavan

Victor Alexander

Robert Quarry

Robert Secord

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Ariauna Albright

Angie Cornell

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Kimberly A. Ray

Waitress #3

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Harrison Myers

Jackie Richards

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