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Billy the Kid Outlawed

20 Jul 1940
52 min
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In the first of the six films Bob Steele made in PRC's "Billy the Kid" series, gun law rules in Lincoln County, New Mexico in 1972, where Sam Daly and Pete Morgan operate a general store. Daly expects to be elected sheriff and he and Morgan intend to bring off a final big coup and then disappear. To further their plans, they have local ranchers such as the Bennett brothers killed. Billy Bonney and his friends Fuzzy Jones and Jeff Travis, driving a cattle herd and friends of the Bennetts,engage in a gun battle with the killers that frightens the stage horses. Billy gives chase and rescues Judge Fitzgerald and his daughter Molly. The judge has been sent by Washington's Department of Justice to take over the law enforcement in Lincoln County, but is murdered by the Daly/Morgan henchman. Sheriff Long deputizes Billy and his friends to bring in the killers, but Daly is elected sheriff, and promptly brands Billy, Jeff and Fuzzy as outlaws. Billy, now known as Billy the Kid, retaliates by ...




Carleton Young

Jeff Travis

George Chesebro

Henchman Tex Carson (as George Cheseboro)

Al St. John

Fuzzy Jones

Walter McGrail

Judge Fitzgerald

Kenne Duncan

Dave Hendricks (as Ken Duncan)

Reed Howes

Henchman Whitey

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Bob Steele

Billy the Kid

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Hal Price

Sheriff Long

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Budd Buster

Bartender Clem (as Bud Buster)

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Joe McGuinn

Pete Morgan

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