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The Boys of Sunset Ridge

11 Mar 2001
90 min
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Four young friends sneak onto an exclusive country club for 18 holes of golf, and begin a tradition that will strengthen their bonds and weather the test of time in this affectionate drama from writer/director Doug McKeon (On Golden Pond). Ben, Hank, Charlie, and John are four spirited youths with a shared love of golf. Determined to play a round at the exclusive Sunset Ridge Country Club despite the fact that none of them are members, the longtime friends sneak onto the golf course, and vow to make their clandestine game an annual event. Over the years, each of the four friends set down different paths in life, but through it all they never miss a game. When 60 years have passed, and the time comes to reflect on their rich and varied experiences, all four realize that it was the power of friendship that helped them endure hard times, and never lose hope that things will get better



Burt Young

Hank Bartlowski

Lee Tergesen

Ben Thorpe at 33

John Heard

John Burroughs

Ronny Cox

Ben Thorpe

Pat Morita

Charlie Watanabe

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