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A Million to One

03 Mar 1937
58 min
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John Kent (Monte Blue' ) wins the Olympic decathlon but is disqualified on a charge of professionalism. William Stevens (Kenneth Harlan), the second-place finisher, is awarded the title and trophies. Six years later Kent is running a moving truck for a living and training his young son Johnny (Bruce Bennett) to become an athlete. Chance brings about a meeting between Ken and Stevens, now a prosperous business man, with a little daughter, Joan (Joan Fontaine), who makes friends with young Johnny. As the years pass, the grown-up Johnny has developed to where he stands a chance of becoming an Olympic athlete and is in love with Joan. Mr. Stevens also wants to see Johnny succeed, and is annoyed that his attention to Joan may interfere with his training.




Joan Fontaine

Joan Stevens

Kenneth Harlan

William Stevens

Bruce Bennett

Johnny Kent (as Herman Brix)

Reed Howes

Duke Hale

Monte Blue

John Kent, Sr.

Suzanne Kaaren

Pat Stanley

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Joey O'Brien

Johnny Kent, as a young boy

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Joy Healy

Joan Stevens, as a young girl

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