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Only Saps Work

05 Dec 1930
77 min
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Rubber-legged comedian Leon Errol made his talkie starring bow in Paramount's Only Saps Work. Based on a play by Owen Davis Sr., the film casts Errol as James Wilson, a kleptomaniac who starts with picking pockets and ends up robbing a bank. Wilson's friend Lawrence Payne (Richard Arlen) inadvertently aids our hero during one of his heists, ending up in deep doo-doo with the law. Before Wilson is able to extricate Payne from his dilemma for the sake of heroine Barbara Tanner (Mary Brian), he pauses long enough to pose as a private eye -- and even gives bellboy Oscar (Stu Erwin) tips on how to spot a crook! If only all of Leon Errol's feature films had been as consistently hilarious as Only Saps Work.




George Chandler

Elevator Operator

Charley Grapewin

Simeon Tanner

Richard Arlen

Lawrence Payne

George Irving

Dr. White

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Nora Cecil

Mrs. Partridge

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Mary Brian

Barbara Tanner

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Leon Errol

James Wilson

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Anderson Lawler

Horace Baldwin

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