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Chance Meeting

15 Jan 1958
97 min

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Aya successfully stages a fashion show in Osaka and in the train on her way home to Tokyo accidentally treads on a man's foot. The man whose name is Rentaro is not amused. Just afterwards she notices that he is reading a magazine which carries her picture which he crushes and throws under his seat. One of her customers in Tokyo is a pretty girl named Kana for whom she had designed a dress which at first seems quite satisfactory. But a few days later Kana brings it back. It seems her brother thinks it terrible. But when Kana brings the dress back she meets Aya's brother, Takeshi, with whom she becomes friendly and Takeshi gives her a new dress which he smuggles out of his sister's office. When Aya finds Kana's discarded dress and misses one belonging to another customer she goes to see Kana's brother, and to her surprise finds him to be the fellow whose foot she'd stepped upon in the train...




Machiko Kyō

Aya Koyanagi

Kyū Sazanka

Saburo Maeda

Kenji Sugawara

Rentaro Shinohara

Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Takeshi Koyanagi

Junko Kano

Fusae Shimazaki

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Hitomi Nozoe

Kana Shinohara

avatar fallback

Tanie Kitabayashi

Tetsu Koyanagi

avatar fallback

Kiyoko Hirai

Mrs. Sekine

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