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Ready for the People

01 Oct 1964
57 min
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In a barroom fight over Connie Zelenko, Eddie Dickinson is badly wounded and Connie's boyfriend is killed. Witnesses claim Dickinson is the killer, but he maintains his innocence despite public prosecutor Murray Brock's advice that he plead guilty and take a life-imprisonment sentence rather than risk capital punishment. When Connie comes out of hiding, she confirms the other witnesses' stories, but Brock believes Dickinson is innocent. Dickinson sticks to his story at his trial but receives the death sentence. In the death house, Dickinson continues to maintain his innocence, but after the execution of the sentence, Brock receives a letter from Dickinson confessing to the murder.




Simon Oakland

Murray Brock

Harold Gould

Arnie Tomkins

Don Keefer

Dr. Michaels

Simon Scott

District Attorney

Everett Sloane

Paul Boyer

Bartlett Robinson

John T. McGrane

avatar fallback

Louis Guss

Joe Damico

avatar fallback

Anne Helm

Connie Zelenko

avatar fallback

Richard Jordan

Eddie Dickinson

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Jo Helton

Karen Brock

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