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Men Are Such Fools

16 Jul 1938
69 min
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The romantic hills and valleys of advertising agency secretary Linda Lawrence (Priscilla Lane) provide the basis of this comedy drama. Unlike her soon-to-be-married roommate Nancy (Penny Singleton), Linda is determined to remain single and forge a strong career. She does have a suitor, Jimmy Hall (Wayne Morris), but he is not ambitious enough for her and she keeps her distance. The girl gets her chance to climb the corporate ladder after she invents a sure-fire cure for hangovers. Sure enough she begins her ascent. Meanwhile, her suitor continues to plead with her to leave her job and become his bride. But the secretary has fallen for ambitious adman Harry Galleon (Humphrey Bogart) who is already engaged. At this point, the stage is set for considerable romantic confusion .




Humphrey Bogart

Harry Galleon

Carole Landis

June Cooper (uncredited)

Priscilla Lane

Linda Lawrence Hall

Wayne Morris

James 'Jimmy' Hall

Mona Barrie

Miss Beatrice 'Bea' Harris

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Penny Singleton

Nancy Crowel Turkel

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Eric Stanley

Mr. Nelson

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Gene Lockhart

Bill Dalton

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Donald Briggs

George Onslow

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