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Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!!

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Mini 4WD racing is an interesting hobby in where kids and adults compete using customized motorized miniature cars. Every year, competitions revolving around the hobby circulated around the world, with both kids and adults test out their spirit and passion in racing and companies developing new technologies and innovations for Mini 4WD. The story revolves around the competitive Seiba Brothers: Go and Retsu, who were once constantly arguing on each other to see who's the best racer. However one day after a community-sponsored race, they both met Dr. Tsuchiya, the head of the Tsuchiya Racing Factory who gave them two Mini 4WD Cars of the prototype Saber Series: Sonic Saber and Magnum Saber. With his advice on telling the twins to customize them for the upcoming race, they are now determined to win and race to victory and set off to their wildest race of their lives. While meeting both friends and enemies in the Mini 4WD Racing world.



Junko Noda

Tappei Hattori (voice)

Noriko Hidaka

Retsuya Ichimonji (voice)

Haruna Ikezawa

Go (voice)

Kumiko Watanabe

Gouki Ichimonji / J (voice)

Yuriko Fuchizaki

Lets (voice)

Chie Koujiro

Toukichi Mikuni (voice)

avatar fallback

Makiko Ohmoto

Nero (voice)

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