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The Americans

07 Oct 2001
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Crush Gear Turbo, also known just as Crush Gear, is an anime and manga series. The anime series, produced by Sunrise, spanned 68 episodes, aired across Japan on the anime television network Animax, from October 7, 2001 to January 26, 2003. It was followed on by a sequel, Crush Gear Nitro, which has also been aired across Japan by Animax. Crush Gear Turbo was about people who threw mechanical vehicles into a large ring to fight and "crush" each other. Magna Pacific released Crush Gear Turbo in English in Australia. Cartoon Network Philippines, ABS-CBN, Studio 23 and Hero TV also released Crush Gear Turbo in the Philippines.



Yumi Kakazu

Mitsuke Ohmori

Omi Minami

Carlos "U-YA" Williams

Bin Shimada

Gear Daren

Yuu Asakawa

Taki Hiroomi

Michiko Neya

Lilika Tobita

Tetsuya Iwanaga

Sean Firestone

avatar fallback

Kenji Nojima

Yuya Marino

avatar fallback

Chika Sakamoto

Kyousuke Jin

avatar fallback

Naomi Shindo

Kuroudo Marume

avatar fallback

Makiko Ohmoto

Kishin Ōkawa

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