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Rail of the Star - A True Story of Children and War

07 Oct 1993
79 min
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A young Japanese actress remembers her war childhood in Korea. Her father goes to fight, her baby sister Miko dies of typhoid, her beloved Korean maid Ohana is fired due to a mistake which could cost Chiko her life... By and by Chiko realizes that the country is being ruled by the Japanese and the Koreans are persecuted. When the war ends, the Koreans chase the Japanese rule and the roles change. Now Chiko's family is unwanted. But then the Russians come and this is the end. They have to burn all the pictures to avoid all suspicions... even Miko's picture. But when the Russians come to their house, they decide to flee over the 38th Parallel towards freedom. A group of men, women, children struggles along the mountains, led by the light of the Northern Star. Along the way they meet a Korean man, who is willing to help them to escape the Russian soldiers although his family was killed by the Japanese.




Koji Ishii

Interpreter (voice)

Kenichi Ogata

Takeshi (voice)

Hideyuki Tanaka

Kazuhiko Kobayashi (voice)


Village chief (voice)

Michiko Neya

Hatsue (voice)

Chika Sakamoto

Michiyo "Miko" Kobayashi (voice)

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Yoshino Takamori

Chitose "Chiko" Kobayashi (voice)

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Reiko Suzuki

Shigeko (voice)

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Yuko Sumitomo

Yukiko (voice)

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Shinpachi Tsuji

Sano (voice)

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