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Fugitive X: Innocent Target

01 Oct 1996
97 min
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Adam Trent (David Heavener: "Prime Target", "Eye of the Stranger") is an advertising ordinary citizen. On his way to work one morning someone tries to kill him. Adam is forced to play a deadly game. Daniel Winters (Richard Norton: "License to Kill", "Octagon") runs an underground casino where the wealthy bet via computer whether Adam Trent will live or die. They give Adam one handgun and a ten minute head start. Winters explains that if Adam tries to contact the police, he will kill his wife Kara (Lynn-Holly Johnson: "For Your Eyes Only", "Ice Castles") and his Uncle Billy (William Windom: "Somersby", "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"). As Trent barely escapes death, this ordinary citizen becomes a deadly killing machine.

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