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Mary Lou

23 Jan 1948
65 min
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Airline hostess Ann Parker is fired for being undignified when she sang to calm the passengers during a storm. Mike Connors, publicity man for Frankie Carle's orchestra, invites her to try out as the band's vocalist since the regular singer, Mary Lou, had just quit the band on the eve of an engagement at a swanky New York night club. Encouraged by her boyfriend, Steve Roberts, Ann lands the job and assumes the name of "Mary Lou", a trademark almost for Frankie Carle singers. But the departed Mary Lou shows up and threatens to sue if she is not rehired. Ann returns to her former job. Meanwhile, Steve locates the woman who was the original Mary Lou with the band, and urges Mike to keep the current Mary Lou off the bandstand until he can return with Ann.




Glenda Farrell

Winnie Winford

Pierre Watkin

Airline President

Robert Lowery

Steve Roberts

Charles Jordan

Mortimer Cripps

Frank Jenks

Mike Connors

Emmett Vogan

Murray Harris

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Chester Clute

Cheever Chesney

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Frankie Carle

Band Leader Frankie Carle (as Frankie Carle and His Piano)

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Thelma White

Eve Summers

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Joan Barton

Ann Parker, aka Mary Lou

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