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Outbreak Company

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Shinichi Kanou's father writes novels and his mother illustrates erotic video games, so it's not unsurprising that he'd turn out a fan of comics and science fiction. However, rather than channeling his efforts into creating like his parents, he has instead become one of the world's foremost experts on "moe," with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cute and adorable in every conceivable form of animation and media. This sort of explains Shinichi's recruitment as an ambassador for moe to the Holy Erudanto Kingdom, a parallel world where things that previously only existed in anime actually exist! How will a hot blooded young otaku react when dropped into a world with actual cute and adorable elf maids and dragons? More importantly, how will they react to this drooling devotee with diplomatic credentials? And even more to the point, exactly why does the Japanese government feel that sending someone to represent Japan's moe interests is a good idea in the first place?



Sumire Uesaka

Elbia Hernaiman

Natsuki Hanae

Shinichi Kanou

Suzuko Mimori

Myucel Foaran

Maaya Uchida

Minori Koganuma

Keiji Fujiwara

Jinjaburo Matoba

Shin-ichiro Miki

Garius An Cordrbal

avatar fallback

Mai Fuchigami

Petralka Anne Eldant the Third

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Mariko Honda

Romilda Gald

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Kouji Takahashi

Loic Slayson

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