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In Search of the Lost Future

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Kaori Sasaki—a member of Uchihama Academy's Astronomy Club—confesses to Sou Akiyama, but later that evening, she dies in a tragic road accident. Her friends and fellow club members mourn her death in a local hospital. Yet she shows up to school the following day, and no one senses anything amiss. The day finishes without any unusual incidents, and the group of friends plans for the upcoming cultural festival. Suddenly, the room is shaken by an unnatural earthquake. Everyone splits up to investigate—except for Nagisa Hanamiya, who stays behind. As everyone leaves, Nagisa notices that the odd relic-like cube that she was toying with starts emitting a strange blue light. Meanwhile, Sou stumbles upon an unconscious, naked girl lying in a pool of water.




Akio Otsuka

Ootsuka Akio

Kappei Yamaguchi

Osafune Kenny Eitarou

Satomi Sato

Fukasawa Karin

Takuma Terashima

Akiyama Sou

Kei Mizusawa

Hasekura Airi

Tomoe Tamiyasu

Hanamiya Nagisa

avatar fallback

Yuko Goto

Sasaki Shiori

avatar fallback

Akane Tomonaga

Furukawa Yui

avatar fallback

Hatsumi Takada

Azuma Yaeko

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