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The Imitation Game

02 Oct 2008
30 min
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Yozakura Quartet is a Japanese manga created by Suzuhito Yasuda that began publishing by Kodansha in 2006, and was then published in the US by Del Rey in 2008. The series was animated in Japan and aired from October 2 to December 18, 2008; it comprises 12 episodes, all of which have aired. The anime was produced by Nomad and aired on TBS on Thursdays. Three anime OVAs were released alongside volmunes 9-11 of the manga, between October 10, 2010 to November 9, 2011. A new anime adaptation of the series was announced in April 2013, with the cast returning from the first anime and OVAs, but it will be produced at Tatsunoko Production to be aired in Fall 2013. Yozakura Quartet is Suzuhito Yasuda's first manga. Before the creation of Yozakura Quartet, he was an illustrator. He drew the original character designs for Yoshikazu Kuwashima's series Kamisama Kazoku and Ryohgo Narita's Durarara!!.



Daisuke Ono

Kyōsuke Kishi

Saki Fujita

Ao Nanami

Miyuki Sawashiro

Kotoha Isone

Ayahi Takagaki

Mina Tatebayashi

Tomokazu Seki

Enjin Hiizumi

Tomokazu Seki

Gin Nanami

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Misato Fukuen

Hime Yarizakura

avatar fallback

Yuki Kaji

Akina Hiizumi

avatar fallback

Haruka Tomatsu

Tōka Kishi

avatar fallback

Natsuko Kuwatani

Yae Shinatsuhiko

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