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My King

05 Apr 2003
25 min
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The World of Narue is an anime and manga series about Izuka Kazuto and his half-alien girlfriend Narue Nanase. The title is named after A.E. van Vogt's The World of Null-A. The manga, spanning 12 volumes as of August 2011, is authored by Tomohiro Marukawa and published by Kadokawa Shoten since 2000. The manga is licensed in North America by CPM Manga. The anime series ran on MBS between April 4, 2003 and June 28, 2003 and is 12 episodes long. U.S. Manga Corps licensed and released it in a four-disc DVD collection in 2004. Following the 2009 bankruptcy and liquidation of Central Park Media, ADV Films picked up the anime series for release on July 21, 2009. Following the closure of A.D. Vision, the series is now distributed by successor AEsir Holdings and Section23 Films.



Junko Minagawa

Kanaka Nanase

Mamiko Noto

Narue Nanase

Daisuke Sakaguchi

Kazuto Iizuka

Natsuko Kuwatani

Rei Otonashi

Jun Fukuyama

Masaki Maruo

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Koji Yusa


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Tomoko Kawakami

Ran Tendou

avatar fallback

Junichi Sugawara

Tadashi Nanase

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Oma Ichimura

Rin Asakura

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