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Valley Of Vengeance

05 May 1944
79 min

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By the numbers-type summary, for those who don't care who played what, finds this one opening with the shooting of two prominent town-officials by Billy Carson ('Buster Crabbe'), who as a youth witnessed a band of outlaws, led by the prominent citizens, massacre his and Fuzzy's parents who were members of a wagon train heading west. In retrospect,Billy tells his story to the Marshal about how the members of the covered-wagon trek, trusted an attorney who stole their money and then bought his gang to wipe them out and gain their promised lands, to make a fortune for himself and his henchmen.



Glenn Strange

Marshal Barker

Al St. John

Fuzzy Jones (as Al 'Fuzzy' St. John)

Bud Osborne

Dad Carson

Buster Crabbe

Billy Carson

Jack Ingram

King Brett

Charles King

Henchman Burke

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Lynton Brent

David Carr - aka Andrew Carberry

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Steve Clark

Henchman Hap

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John Merton

Henchman Burt

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Evelyn Finley

Helen Miller

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