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M3: The Dark Metal

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In a dark void known as the Lightless Realm, a group of children meet and bond, but are then separated and returned to their own dimension. Years later, these children reunite to fight "Admonitions," monsters that originate from the same void, using robots known as "Vess." However, their efforts only slow the ever-encroaching and expanding Lightless Realm from infecting their world. Their lives take a drastic turn when a new foe appears in the form of a "Corpse," whose song is rumored to kill any who hear it within nine days. The "Corpse Song" is heard by the group, and with this, they each begin to pull away and become caught up in their own personal problems—ultimately threatening the fate of humanity.



Tetsuya Kakihara

Minashi Maki (voice)

Yoko Hikasa

Emiru Hazaki (voice)

Misato Fukuen

Maamu Yuzuki (voice)

Tomoaki Maeno

Iwato Namito (voice)

Sayuri Yahagi

Raika Kasumi (voice)

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Akashi Saginuma (voice)

avatar fallback

Ayumu Murase

Heito Isaku (voice)

avatar fallback

Kotori Koiwai

Sasame Izuriha (voice)

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