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Suite PreCure

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Suite PreCure♪, or Suite Pretty Cure♪, is a Japanese anime series and the eighth Pretty Cure installment by Izumi Todo. Produced by Toei Animation, the series is directed by Munehisa Sakai, who directed the One Piece anime series and character designs by Akira Takahashi, who previously worked on Kaidan Restaurant. The series aired on TV Asahi's ANN network from February 6, 2011 to January 29, 2012, replacing HeartCatch PreCure! in its initial timeslot, and was succeeded by Smile PreCure! A manga adaptation is also being serialised in Kodansha's monthly Nakayoshi magazine. The series theme is music, which are prominent to the names of the Cures and the magical devices they use.



Noriko Hidaka

Aphrodite (voice)

Fumiko Orikasa

Kanade Minamino / Cure Rhythm (voice)

Satsuki Yukino

Maria Hōjō (voice)

Megumi Toyoguchi

Ellen Kurokawa / Siren / Cure Beat (voice)

Ami Koshimizu

Hibiki Hōjō / Cure Melody (voice)

Yumiko Kobayashi

Souta Minamino (voice)

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Rumi Okubo

Ako Shirabe / Cure Muse (voice)

avatar fallback

Ryusei Nakao

Pii-chan / Noise (voice)

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Kotono Mitsuishi

Hamii (voice)

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Atsushi Ono

Bassdrum (voice)

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