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Buso Renkin

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The story begins when high school student Kazuki Muto is killed one night saving a mysterious girl from a monster, only to wake up in his school dorm, believing it to have been a dream; however, he soon finds out that dream wasn't a dream at all when a giant serpentine monster attacks him and his sister. Tokiko Tsumura, the girl he saved, explains that the monster is a homunculus. Kazuki had been attacked and killed by it when he was rescuing her; however, she, feeling responsible for him, revived him by placing a Kakugane medallion in his chest, serving as a replacement heart.



Tomokazu Seki

Moon Face

Tomokazu Seki

Sekima Hiwatari

Jun Fukuyama

Kazuki Muto

Takayuki Kondo

Koji Rokumasu

Yu Kobayashi

Chitose Tateyama

Kenji Hamada

Shinobu Negoro

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Wasabi Mizuta

Angel Gozen

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Junko Minagawa

Madoka Maruyama

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Kisho Taniyama

Shuusui Hayasaka

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Rie Kugimiya

Victoria Powered

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