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Range Justice

16 Jul 1949
57 min
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Johnny Mack goes to work on "Ma" Curtis' ranch, to the disapproval of his friends, rancher Glenn Hadley and his sister Beth, who are at odds with her. Secretly, Ma's foreman Stoner is plotting with real estate man Ed Dutton to ruin her ranch and acquire it cheaply, with controlling water rights. Johnny stops henchman Dade in an attempt to dynamite the barn and Stoner, supposedly taking him to the sheriff, kills him. Johnny stops Glenn and Beth from tearing down a Curtis fence in order to get their cattle to water, but Glenn refuses to help even after Johnny explains he is helping Ma in order to find out who is behind the attacks on both ranches. Ma pretends to fire Johnny for saving Glenn from an ambush. As the outlaws attempt to rustle Ma's remaining cattle, Johnny, Alibi and Glenn join forces.




Tris Coffin

Ed Dutton

Myron Healey

Murdered Henchman

Kenne Duncan

Henchman Kirk

Riley Hill

Glenn Hadley

Johnny Mack Brown

Johnny Mack Brown

Sarah Padden

Ma Curtis

avatar fallback

Eddie Parker

Henchman Lacey

avatar fallback

Fred Kohler Jr.

Henchman Stoner

avatar fallback

Felice Ingersoll

Beth Hadley

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