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South of Rio

29 Jul 1949
60 min
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The town of Rio Blanco is the center of a fight over the statehood issue and is a perfect setup for Lon Bryson and Chuck Bowers, who organize a couple of phony protection associations. Opposing them is Henry Waterman, publisher of the Rio Blanco Herald. He and his assistant, Andrew Jackson Weems, send for the help of the Territorial Rangers. One of the dispatched Rangers is Jeff Lanning who, unknown to him, has a brother as a member of the gang under an assumed name of Bob Mitchell. Jeff is so shocked at seeing his brother gun down Waterman that he is unable to act in time to prevent it. Unable to explain the cause of is inaction, he is suspended by the governor. Unable to persuade his brother to quit the gang, Jeff, with the aid of Weems and Waterman's daughter Carol, begins his quest to bring the outlaws to justice.




Roy Barcroft

Lon Bryson

Paul Hurst

Andy Weems

Tom London

Jim Weston

Myron Healey

Marshal Travis

Lane Bradford

Henchman Tex

Douglas Kennedy

Henchman Bob Mitchell

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Don Haggerty

Chuck Bowers

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Rory Mallinson

Captain Dan Brennan

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Emmett Vogan

Henry Waterman

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Monte Hale

Jeff Lanning

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