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Dixie Dugan

12 Mar 1943
63 min
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Roger Hudson, a wealthy businessman who has moved to Washington to work for the government as a "dollar a year man," is late for a radio broadcast about his new department, the Mobilization of Woman Power for War. He takes a cab driven by Dixie Dugan, who hopes that being a cabbie while the country's men are away fighting will help the war effort. Her incompetent driving, however, results in an accident for which Roger must take responsibility in order to reach the radio station in time. Dixie then returns home, where she lives with her father Timothy, who is constantly practicing his air raid warden duties, her mother Gladys, an aspiring Red Cross worker, and cousin Imogene, who studies incessantly to become a "quiz kid." The Dugans rent out their spare rooms to Dixie's fiancé, Matt Hogan, and to blustering Judge J. J. Lawson. Matt, who works in a munitions factory, wants Dixie to settle down and marry him, but Dixie is determined to help her country.




Byron Foulger


Lester Dorr

Citizen (uncredited)

Bess Flowers

Bridge Player (uncredited)

Frank Faylen

Soldier (uncredited)

Irving Bacon

Mr. Kelly

Eddie Foy Jr.

Matt Hogan

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Tom Kennedy

Sergeant (uncredited)

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Mae Marsh

Mrs. Sloan

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Sarah Edwards

Mrs. Kelly

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