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Ant-Man and the Wasp

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In a world where time passes at a crawl and the blood of your neighbor runs blue, 17 year old high school student Ayato Kamina goes about his daily life within Tokyo Jupiter oblivious to the world around him, having been educated with the fact that the all civilization but Tokyo has been destroyed. But all that changes when the mysterious civilization "MU" invades his home, raining destruction down from the sky in the form of strange monsters called Dolems. The events that occur next will lead Ayato to the mysterious woman named Reika Mishima, to the truth of their existence, the discovery of what and who he is, and to the powerful angelic robot RahXephon.




Ayako Kawasumi

Megumi Shitow

Aya Hisakawa

Haruka Shitow

Maaya Sakamoto

Reika Mishima

Atsuko Tanaka

Sayoko Nanamori

Kouki Miyata

Sôichi Yagumo

Yumi Kakazu

Hiroko Asahina

avatar fallback

Iemasa Kayumi

Ernst Von Bähbem

avatar fallback

Yuu Asakawa

Shinobu Miwa

avatar fallback

Hiro Shimono

Ayato Kamina

avatar fallback

Houko Kuwashima

Quon Kisaragi

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