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The Manor

11 Feb 1999
115 min
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The Manor, a dark funny version of Akira Kurosawa's " Rashomon". During a snowstorm, Patrick Roarke, a manservant, is found dead at the bottom of the main staircase in a gothic English mansion. Inspector Hatcher is sent to investigate the death. When he arrives, he finds a household consisting of five women. When questioned by the inspector, each of the women tells a different story, all of which are illustrated by flashback scenes showing the events as related by that particular person. Everybody seems to protect somebody and the inspector becomes increasingly intoxicated as he tries to untangle the web of lies in his endeavour to find out the truth.


Greta Scacchi

Mrs. Ravenscroft

Peter O'Toole

Mr. Ravenscroft

Gabrielle Anwar

Charlotte Kleiner

Martin Dejdar

Inspector Tomas Hatcher

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