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Amigos x Siempre

10 Jan 2000
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¡Amigos X Siempre! is a Mexican television series. It first aired in 2000, and 115 episodes were broadcast. Leading cast members included Belinda, Martín Ricca and Christopher Uckermann. The story is set at a prestigious, but rigid and repressive school called Instituto Vidal. Its strict owner, Julia Vidal, was once kind but has now turned into a bitter woman following the death of her husband and her daughter, Lauriel. Her granddaughter, Ana, a very sweet and intelligent 10 year old, also has been affected by the death: She has been rendered virtually speechless by the trauma, though she expresses herself through music and possesses an extraordinary ability to move objects with her mind. Ana's unscrupulous father, Francisco Capistrán, however, has taken advantage of the situation to try to steal Julia's school. The timely arrival of Ana's uncle, Salvador, Amanda and her adopted son changes everything. Ana’s sad and lonely life takes an unexpected turn for the better and she regains her joy in a series of adventures bursting with humor, excitement, music and thrilling surprises. Soundtrack ¡Amigos X Siempre!




Odiseo Bichir

Francisco Capistrán


Ana Capistrán Vidal

Carmen Montejo

Doña Julia Ruvalcaba vda. de Vidal

Rebeca Mankita

Amanda Naredo de Vidal

Germán Robles

Neftalí Güemes

Lourdes Reyes

Melissa Escobar (#2)

avatar fallback

Héctor Ortega

Crispín Ávila

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Ernesto Laguardia

Salvador Vidal Ruvalcaba

avatar fallback

Adriana Fonseca

Melissa Escobar (#1)

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