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Kinmoza! Pretty Days

12 Nov 2016
50 min
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One of the best parts about being in a group of friends is that you usually have a couple of guardian angels watching over you. So, when Shinobu has to both write a script as well as make costumes for a play for the school festival, it doesn't take long for her classmates to realize that someone might have bitten off more than she can chew. Or write and sew, in this case. Fortunately for Shinobu's theatrical future, Alice, Yoko, and Aya are glad to pitch in, and that allows for a chance to reflect on their experiences in the days before Alice arrived. Will everything be finished in time, or will the audience be in stitches because of the ones coming apart onstage? There's no way to be sure until the last curtain call!




Yukari Tamura

Isami Oomiya (voice)

Risa Taneda

Aya Komichi (voice)

Saori Onishi

Akari Kuzehashi (voice)

Satomi Sato

Sakura Karasuma (voice)

Nao Toyama

Karen Kujou (voice)

Yumi Uchiyama

Youko Inokuma (voice)

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Minami Tanaka

Alice Cartelet (voice)

avatar fallback

Ayaka Suwa

Honoka Matsubara (voice)

avatar fallback

Manami Tanaka

Alice Cartelet (voice)

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Asuka Nishi

Shinobu Oomiya (voice)

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