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Misfit Heights

13 May 2013
97 min
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Misfit Heights is a film about an apartment building populated by puppets who have to struggle for survival when a mad scientist's plan to rule the world with an army of undead goes awry. It's up to the last few survivors to fight their way into his secret lab and put an end to his evil plan before they are eaten by the undead. Or, before the buildings superintendent returns from vacation and evicts them.



Cristina Valenzuela

Stacey / Librarian / Flower Lady (voice)

Jon Monastero

George / Dwayne / Handlebars / Surfer (voice)

Etta Devine

Haggard Mother / Brother / Blind Mouse 1 / Flipflop / Zombie Stooge 2 / Rats / Lemming 3 (voice)

James Burzelic

Dr. Zoltar / Duffis / Chef / Steve / Natty Bumpo / Terry / Phillip (voice)

Sean Plott

Tony / Stretch (voice)

Mike Lyon

Fatty's Waiter / Leader Rat / Whalehead / Underbite / Beer Tapper (voice)

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Christina N. McBride

Mimic Zombie / Zombie Rat / Working Girl (voice)

avatar fallback

Laura Michelson

Lisa (voice)

avatar fallback

Stephen Weese

Richie / Slim / Nerd / Nervous Date / Blue / Rats / Eyeball Tailgator / Skinless Zombie (voice)

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