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Bad Day

18 Feb 2008
98 min
movie vertical poster fallback

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Rebecca Ryan has been working as an undercover agent for the Organised Crime Division (OCD) posing as a taxi driver, while investigating London's south-side mob. When she finds her young daughter Lynn brutally murdered she fears her cover has been blown wide open, so she turns renegade and begins a brutal campaign of vengeance against the mob she believes killed her daughter. As she trawls the seedy depths of London's underworld hunting down her daughter's killers, the lines between good and evil, right and wrong begin to blur as do her notions of justice and revenge. It falls to the world-weary OCD agent Darius Cuise and his newly-assigned, hot-tempered partner Abby Barrett to track down Rebecca and bring her in before all hell breaks loose.




James Payton

Todd Marker

Cyril Nri

Restaurant Manager

Victoria Broom

Amy Morgan

Robbie Gee

Benjamin Radcliffe

Anthony Ofoegbu

Darius Cruise

avatar fallback

Donna Air

Abby Barrett

avatar fallback

Ben Shockley

Mr. Ward

avatar fallback

Riana Husselmann

Marla McCann

avatar fallback

Claire Goose

Rebecca Ryan / Margaret

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