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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

02 Oct 2001
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The story is based around 11-year-old Saga Bergman, a young girl in a small German town called Muhlenberg (based on real town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber). Saga lives with her grandmother Regina and works in a coffee shop when not in school. Saga is extremely structured and plans her life down to the minute. One day, she notices a tiny creature in a fluffy outfit that appears to be starving. She offers it a waffle, which helps revive the tiny creature. Saga learns that this tiny creature is Sugar, an apprentice season fairy. Sugar explains that season fairies alter the weather by playing a magical musical instrument, and her specialty is snow, which she creates by playing the piccolo. Sugar is joined by two more apprentice season fairies, Salt, an outgoing male fairy who plays the trumpet to make the sun shine more brightly, and Pepper, a quiet and caring female fairy who plays the harp to make the wind blow.



Masumi Asano

Saga (voice)

Yumiko Kobayashi

Basil (voice)

Chinami Nishimura

Greta (voice)

Akiko Hiramatsu

Cinnamon (voice)

Kotono Mitsuishi

Ginger (voice)

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Kaori Mizuhashi

Pepper (voice)

avatar fallback

Kenji Nojima

Turmeric (voice)

avatar fallback

Akiko Nakagawa

Anne (voice)

avatar fallback

Tomo Saeki

Salt (voice)

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