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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin IV – Eve of Destiny

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Following the success of the Dawn Rebellion, Degwin negotiates with Vice Admiral Revil to surrender all Federation assets and the complete withdrawal of Federation forces from Side 3 to prevent similar incidents from happening again. After bring reprimanded by Degwin for failure to look after Garma, Dozle sends Char - who motivated Garma into starting the rebellion - to Earth; in response, Char requests to become a mobile suit pilot when he returns. Feeling the burden of his responsibilities, Dozle proposes to cadet Zenna Mia. In the Earth city of Manaus, Char lands a job as a mobile worker pilot at a construction site. He meets a young Lalah Sune at a casino.




Kenta Miyake

Dozle Zabi (voice)

Saori Hayami

Lalah Sune (voice)

Banjo Ginga

Gihren Zabi (voice)

Toshio Furukawa

Kai Shiden (voice)

Akio Otsuka

Narrator (voice)

Misato Fukuen

Fraw Bow (voice)

avatar fallback

Shuichi Ikeda

Char Aznable (voice)

avatar fallback

Hiroshi Naka

Johann Ibrahim Revil (voice)

avatar fallback

Kenichirou Matsuda

Ortega (voice)

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Akeno Watanabe

Kycillia Zabi (voice)

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