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The Gravy Train Goes East

27 Oct 1991
200 min
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The Gravy Train Goes East is the 1991 sequel to 1990 British mini-series The Gravy Train written by Malcolm Bradbury. This series once again follows Hans-Joachim Dorfmann (Christoph Waltz), otherwise known as ‘Bloody Dorfmann’, as he is sent to the fictional country of Slaka to sort all the economical problems the country has so as to allow its entry into the European Union. However, back in Brussels and the United Kingdom, things are hardly smooth sailing. While in Slaka, Dorfmann finds himself caught up in political power games and illegal smuggling operations, completely against his will, of course. Meanwhile, both the president, Katya Princip (Francesca Annis), and a mysterious Slakan woman, Galina, (not to mention Mrs. Steadiman) take a shine to the well-meaning Hans, which naturally causes more problems.




Christoph Waltz

Han-Joachim Dorfmann

Judy Parfitt

Hilda Spearpoint

Francesca Annis

Katya Princip

Maggie Steed

Budgie Steadiman (uncredited)

Jeremy Child

Felix Steadiman

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Trevor Peacock

Father Wanko

avatar fallback

Roger Lloyd Pack

Ferenc Plitplov

avatar fallback

Peter Linka


avatar fallback

Ian Richardson

Michael Spearpoint

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