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You Can't Beat Love

25 Jun 1937
62 min
movie vertical poster fallback

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The film begins with a knuckle-head playboy (Preston Foster) working on a road crew dressed in a tux in order to win a bet. Apparently, this guy will take on any bet or act on a whim. This becomes very apparent when he disrupts a food giveaway hosted by the mayor's daughter and as a result of this, he announces he's running for mayor--though he seems very much apolitical and has no interest in the job. Later, when he once again meets up with the mayor's daughter (Joan Fontaine) they supposedly fall in love--although there seemed to be little chemistry between them and it made very little sense for Fontaine to suddenly love a guy she so quickly hated at the beginning of the film. Plus, she really had plenty of reason to dislike the guy.



Paul Hurst

Foreman Butch Mehaffey

Joan Fontaine

Trudy Olson

Preston Foster

James Ellsworth 'Jimmy' Hughes

Herbert Mundin

Jasper 'Meadows' Hives

Alan Bruce

Scoop Gallagher

William Brisbane

Clem Bruner

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