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Piccadilly Jim

14 Aug 1936
95 min
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Jim's father wants to marry Eugenia, but her sister Netta refuses to allow it. When Jim sees Ann at a club, he falls for her even though she is with Lord Priory. He meets her the next day at the riding path, but she quickly loses him. He searches all over for her, not knowing that his father's hopeful fiancée is her Aunt. As his caricature work suffers as he searches, he is fired from his paper. But he makes a comeback with the comics 'Rags to Riches' which is based upon the Pett's. But this upsets the Pett's so much that they go back to New York, and he follows, being careful not to let them know that he is the one who draws the strip that parodies them.




Frank Morgan

James Crocker, Sr. / Count Olav Osric

Billy Bevan

Taxi Driver

Billie Burke

Eugenia Willis, Nesta's Sister

Madge Evans

Ann Chester

Bess Flowers

Nightclub patron

Dennis O'Keefe

Petie McGregor (uncredited)

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Torben Meyer

Pett's Butler (uncredited)

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Aileen Pringle

Paducah Pomeroy

avatar fallback

Robert Montgomery

James Crocker, Jr.

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Robert Benchley

Bill Macon

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