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Brand X

18 May 1970
87 min
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In 1969, Taylor Mead complained to his friend artist Wynn Chamberlain that Andy Warhol had never paid him for any of the work he had done for him and Wynn said he would make a film especially for Taylor. Inspired by the banality of 1960's television, Chamberlain wrote and directed Brand X, an 87 minute series of faux television shows spoofing the politics and mass media of the day, complete with commercials for Sex, Sweat, Computer Dating and Peanut Butter. BRAND X follows Taylor Mead through a day in a wacky television studio as he portrays an exercise guru, a talk show host, a veteran returning from the American Civil War, a hospital patient in a soap opera, the President of the United States and a televangelist giving the Nightly Sermon. BRAND X satirizes President Nixon, the Vietnam War, sex, drugs, computers, money and race relations.




Sally Kirkland

Patient / President's Wife

Taylor Mead

Viewer / President / Minster / Nurse

Abbie Hoffman

Policeman (Lawren Order)

Jane Holzer

(as Baby Jane Holzer)

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Tally Brown

Talk Show Hostess

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Candy Darling

Marlene D-Train

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