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Battle Hymn

14 Feb 1957
109 min
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Battle Hymn was inspired by the true story of American minister Dean Hess, played here with rare sensitivity by Rock Hudson. A bomber pilot during World War II, Hess inadvertently releases a bomb which destroys a German orphanage. Tortured by guilt, Hess relocates in Korea after the war to offer his services as a missionary. Combining the best elements of Christianity and Eastern spiritualism, Hess establishes a large home for orphans. The preacher's efforts are threatened when the Korean "police action" breaks out in 1950. Battle Hymn was one of several collaborations between Rock Hudson and director Douglas Sirk--though Sirk felt that Robert Stack would have been better suited to the role of Rev. Hess.




Martha Hyer

Mary Hess

Rock Hudson

le colonel Dean Hess

Alan Hale Jr.

le sergent du mess

Dan Duryea

le sergent Herman

Simon Scott

Lt. Hollis

Carleton Young

Major Harrison

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Bartlett Robinson

General Timberidge

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Carl Benton Reid

le révérend Edwards

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Carl Benton Reid

Deacon Edwards

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James Edwards

le lieutenant Maples

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