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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation III: Love is the Pulse of the Stars

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Universal Century 0087, Char Aznable has now become the leader of the AEUG. Scirocco, the man from Jupiter, schemes to seize control of the Titans. Haman, the Axis leader, is attempting to restore the Zabi family. Through politics and strategy, these three powers struggle for dominion over the Earth Sphere. The war builds to a deadly endgame around the space colony Gryps 2, which has been converted into a giant laser cannon. What destiny awaits Kamille at the end of the conflict? This is the final part of the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam feature trilogy, which features enhanced animation and theme songs by GACKT.




Masako Katsuki

Reccoa Londe (voice)

Toshio Furukawa

Kai Shinden (voice)

Toru Furuya

Amuro Ray (voice)

Hirotaka Suzuoki

Bright Noah (voice)

Kazuhiko Inoue

Jerid Messa (voice)

Bin Shimada

Paptimus Scirocco (voice)

avatar fallback

Shuichi Ikeda

Char Aznable (voice)

avatar fallback

Maya Okamoto

Emma Sheen (voice)

avatar fallback

Yoshiko Sakakibara

Haman Karn (voice)

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